With the increase in ‘Smart Phones’ they are now becoming a useful tool for everyday use. I have compiled a list that shows the applications I use on the iPhone. Being a web developer I always have an interest in technology and how it can be used to make things, simpler and user friendly. The list below are the ones I use the most and are not necessarily the most exciting. If you have your preferred apps then please let me know.


NDrive [£5.59 when on the app store]

When going to meetings its nice to know how to get there with confidence. This app is not on the UK iTunes store anymore (not sure why – the rumor is that apple have used the ‘Kill Switch’ and pulled the plug on it due to licensing issues. This means that at anytime I could loose the app from my iTunes and therefor iPhone, that would be a shame). It was a great bargain at £5 and uses all the same maps as Tom Tom.

National Rail

National Rail Enquires [£4.99]

A great app that I found using a lot in my trips up to London. Its great for getting times, platform numbers, any delays, plan journeys and seeing where the train is on its journey.

Star Walk

Star Walk [£1.79]

As technology gets more sophisticated then more applications are becoming amazing. This app is simple on first glance, but how it does is where more apps will be going. Augmented reality is the new buzz word and very basically it is about laying man made imagery over the real world and be able to navigate around it. Simply hold the phone up to the sky and it knows where you are looking and overlays the stars and constellations. I found it fascinating.

Tunein Radio

Tunein Radio [£1.19]

Often we have music in the background to work to. With a vast range of channels to listen to through Wi-Fi its a great app for the studio. Tunein Radio also allows you to record Radio programs, alarm features and many more.

TV Plus

TV Plus [£1.19]

If you need to check what’s on TV before you get home this app gives the easiest way of quickly checking… not that there is a lot of time to watch TV.

SKY Mobile TV

SKY Mobile TV [£0.00]

I use this a lot as when I am working I sometimes like to have some sport or News in the background. The app is free but you will need to get a £6/month subscription. Considering you get all the sports channels, ESPN and the News channels it is not bad.


Vicinity [£1.79]

This app has got me out a few situations. Been driving and realise I need petrol quite quickly, Vicinity gives you the nearest Petrol station and directions. This is also true to find somewhere to eat or a pub.


Golf Shot [£17.99]

Combining to of my favourites… Golf and technology. The app covers nearly all the courses in the UK and gives GPS location from ariel views. This gives you yardages and the shape of the course. Score your round as you go and then email the score card to you and other people on your round. Does not promise to improve your score.


b-Tax [£0.59]

Working the tax out on your invoices is a lot easier with this handy app. Never going to be the most exciting but useful.

Paper Toss

Paper Toss [FREE]

If you need a game that gives you a break from work for 5 minutes, this is it. The most simplest of concepts but strangely addictive.

I will be updating and adding to this list. If you have any app’s that you find indispensable then please let me know.