About Zoo Design

The goal of the Zoo Design is to give great design, with the right solutions, that work and at the same time giving good value for money.

When talking about Zoo Design we are a multi-disciplinary design company offering a range of work with a focus on new media, from websites, email marketing, Social Media and SEO.

Zoo Design LaptopAs a successful web and print design company, we believe that our reputation has been built on our combination of skills from a number of different disciplines including business knowledge and technical awareness. We believe in employing the right people who are committed and qualified. They include professionals with experience and knowledge in design, who care about creating and delivering suitable solutions whilst giving value for money.

Zoo Design has been around for over 10 years and in that time has built a reputation as a company that offers a thoughtful approach with effective creative solutions. Our goal is to work with our clients in an organised way that makes every decision clear, enabling each project to move forward to a successful conclusion.

Our expertise is in areas including:

The reason for calling the company Zoo Design was for a number of reasons that all just fell into place and grew on me.

Ten years’ ago when I decided to set up the company I needed a name. This is always a very personal thing but I wanted to think logically first and then from the heart. The method I adopted I would also recommend to other companies when deciding on their corporate name and branding. For more information about Zoo Design’s name, go to Why I called the company Zoo Design.

For more information on how to select YOUR company name, see our article on Choosing your company name.

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Contact Zoo Design by email at: info@zoodesign.co.uk
Or call on: 07958 361 935