Advertising Services

Zoo Design Hall-ad_ConveyancingZoo Design provides clients with results-focused, full service advertising agency solutions.

With in-house resources and both online and offline marketing expertise, we are able to deliver creative promotions and advertising services at highly competitive rates. Unlike a traditional advertising agency, Zoo Design has the capacity to develop, produce and deploy fully integrated marketing services with both online and offline components.

If you own a business, you know the importance of advertising, marketing and promotions.

Without doing some type of all three your business will surely never get off the ground unless through some luck and a lot of word of mouth hype.

This is especially true if your business involves selling products. When it comes to selling products, not only do you need to advertise what it is you are selling, but who is selling it. In print advertising, costs can soar with the more space you eat up. If you go by way of TV or radio, the longer your ad airs, the more expensive it will be. So lets touch on how to maximize your advertisement, by focusing in on key components. Lets say for instance, you sell widgets. Write down at least 10 positive points about why you are the best widget dealer in the area, country etc. Do you have the largest supply? Maybe the most options in colors? Maybe you are the only certified reseller of widgets. Whatever your positive points are, you need to write them down.

Now that you have your list, come up with the headline that can incorporate the best positive point and the name of your business. For example, “The largest selection of Widgets in the country, only at Joe`s Widgets”. You will obviously modify it for your needs.

Creating the advertising Message

There are many things to look at when starting an advertising campaign and some of the key points are listed below.

Breaking through clutter
Clutter is a challenge for an advertiser message to get through. There are countless advertising messages that it is hard to stand out in the crowd.

Message Strategy
First thing is to decide what general message will be communicated. Effective advertising message identifies customer benefit (ad appeal).

Message Execution
The mixture of Copywriting and imagery are essential to get the message across.

Selecting advertising media
Reach:”measure of percentage of people in the target audience who are exposed to the ad campaign during a given period of time.(eg reaching 50 % of target audience in the first month.) Frequency:  how many times a person exposed to ad in a given target audience.

Evaluating Advertising
Communication and sales effects should be evaluated. Copy be tested before ad is launched. Recall and attitude changes be measured.

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