Zoo Design has been established for over 11 years now and over the last decade we’ve built key relationships with many complimentary service providers to enhance our core business offering.

These partners are essential to Zoo Design being able a offer a complete ‘turn-key’ service solution. We’ve listed a few of our key partners below with their associated service offerings.


Zoo Design works closely with Sirenia Press Solutions, South-East-based communication specialists, to offer copywriting for your business or brand.

Copywriting is simply the creation of copy – or words – to showcase your products and services to the masses.

The right tone of communication can mean the difference between a sale on your website, or a ‘back click’ on an internet browser. Meanwhile, it isn’t always what you say, but how you say it! Many organisations create their own websites and promotional literature because they communicate for a living; but having professionally-written copy can take your information to a new level.

Our team knows the difference between simple website copy, clever tagline creation, technical article production and everything else in between. Your website is like a shop window for your company or product; so why not populate it with interesting information? Content is still king!

Public Relations

Clive Lawrence has been offering public relations to various companies for many years, with his belief that the ultimate purpose of PR is to generate profit. That’s why Clives services keeps to the point, aiming to deliver a steady stream of publicity value in the media of clients’ choice which is at least double their investment.

Video Production

The correct use of video on your website has been shown to increase traffic by 20% and higher rankings in Google and Clicks Media have proved a tried and trusted solution.

To create your corporate video, Dan Insley can provide a wide range of film products and services to the commercial, industrial and private markets.

From radio adverts and pod-casts to web banners and computer generated films, we work closely with clients to develop tailored, innovative products. However, it isn’t all about lavish productions; exposure to video is said to drastically increase brand awareness and boost business success.