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Open Dental care

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Open Dental care WebsiteOpen Dental Care are a unique dental clinic and team, brought together to better manage all your dental needs. They decided to start Open because there is still too much confusion about the basics of dental care. Many people are unclear about the different materials and options and about how to floss or brush correctly. Open Dental Care is a brand new dental practice based in Islington London who require full support material to be able to do this. This included branding, website and marketing material. They wanted to be seen as a modern forward thinking practice, using technology to help improve the client experience. View website: Open Dental Care

Orchard Accountants

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Orchard Accountants WebsiteOur aim is to provide an expert professional service with reasonable rates to all our clients. People having meetingOur mission is to maintain and improve our customer relations and services. We were frustrated in practice by not having enough time to go that one step further for our clients to make sure that the job is completed to their and our satisfaction. View website: www.orchardaccountants.co.uk

May Barge Charter Website

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Edith May Barge CharterThe Edith May Trading Company needed to promote their refurbished Thames Barge for charter. This included the branding and website to enable to increase awareness for this new attraction. It was down to Zoo Design in discussion with the Trading Company to come up with the right identity initially that would reflect the history of the barge with out looking to old fashioned. View website: www.edithmaybargecharter.co.uk

London Executive Airways (LEA) Leaflet

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LEA LeafletZoo Design were asked to design a leaflet to compliment the new branding guidelines for London Executive Aviation. The branding relies on blue, cyan and green, and therefore I decided to design this colour scheme into the leaflet. Images were carefully elected to compliment the scheme. The leaflet was laid out in a simple and clear way.

Milners – More than floors

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Milners WebsiteMilners of Ashtead, Banstead and Guildford are specialists in matching your home or commercial interior requirements. Our experience of the products will give you an environment that perfectly matches your needs.

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